Bringing blockchain Transaction data to traditional Businesses

Smart Contract Classification

Analysis of functions and variables to create a descriptive transaction data set.

Wallet Search

Simple and derived wallet facets provide a new way to analyze and rank wallets.

Customizable Scoring Models

Define the scoring model you need based on the facets we make available.  


Unusable Blockchain Transaction Data

Consumer Blockchain Assets are completely unaccounted for in traditional financial business decision making.  

  • Total Transaction Analysis
  • Categorized to Financial Data Schema
  • Improves blockchain transparency

CryptoKlout data Value

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Consumer Reporting

We provide a historical view of exchange holdings and crypto wallet holdings.  Enabling a consumer to produce a brokerage/bank statement style report across all wallets.

  • Infinite Wallet History
  • Wallet Klout Ranking
  • Risk Analysis of Holdings
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Connecting Consumer Records with Wallets

Leveraging our private label consumer wallet reporting, bureaus can begin the mapping process from anonymous wallets to existing consumer profiles.

  • Private Label Solution Integrates with Credit Reporting
  • Full Data Access for Research and Analysis
  • Wallet Facet Modeling Data 
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Asset Verification and Risk Analysis

Understanding a consumers wallet holdings, over 30, 60, 90 day periods will enable a bank/lender to review crypto assets in the same way as bank and brokerage assets.

  • Open New Consumer Audiences
  • Defined Data Model for Process Integration
  • Reporting matching existing bank and brokerage reports
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Klout Research and Klout Inform

Our rich descriptive data set enables a level of analysis unprecedented in the investment community.  Being able to define klout models, rank wallets, and identify tokens, nfts and protocols that match.

  • Define custom ranking models
  • Locate rising tokens based on klout scoring
  • Unique research data points across blockchain
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Building wallet marketing List

Our wallet facets enable marketers to perform searches to find the ideal target wallets for AirDrops.

  • Unique Search Facets
  • Every Ethereum wallet mapped
  • AirDrop support to identified wallets
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